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You’ve been very patient… I had my health break, I renovated my house after a flood and now we’re back! Bigger and better than ever!


New, natural, food grade,

chemically pure Epsom Salt

will be available very soon


Pre orders for the special offer in December are being taken soon.

Email Sam on and asked to be added to the list.

That way, you’ll receive the updates and special offers.

The website is being worked on and the shopping cart should be ready in the coming weeks.  In the short term, all orders are being taken by email.


Thanks, Sam



How long will my Epsom Salts last?

I am often asked this question.  It will depend on how many people are using the salts, how much you use and how often you bath.

As a guideline most people start with half a cup and gradually increase to 2 cups, some people use 4 cups.  Many people bath every night in Epsom Salt.

1 cup of Epsom Salt weighs approximately 240g, so…

1kg = 4 cups

5kg = 20 cups

10kg = 40 cups

15kg = 60 cups

20kg = 80 cups